Careers at AmiCare

We believe in combining kindness with professionalism to provide the best non-medical care for seniors. Does this sound like you? Apply today to be a caregiver with us.


Our Caregivers are
Skilled and Experienced

AmiCare caregivers will work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse to fulfill a Personalized Care Plan made for each individual client.  Caregivers are carefully screened and selected to provide the client with a sense of security and the best care possible.


Active Caregivers

Have a question before applying? Please use our Contact for or call 605 709 8900 and we will be happy to assist.

Qualifications and Requirements

AmiCare hires eligible caregivers that are well equipped to provide excellent care to our clients.  Caregivers should live in the Bay Area and have a reliable means of transportation to work. 



A valid Certified Nursing Assistant or Home Care Aide certification is highly preferred. This certification should be maintained with the required continuing education throughout the time you are a caregiver with us.


Caregivers should be kind, amiable, and compassionate about their work. Reliability, punctuality, and a high sense of ethics are essential.

Background check

Candidates must consent to a criminal background check and Live scan (fingerprint). A Tuberculosis test is also required. Vaccination for Covid-19 is highly recommended.


Registered under the California Department of Social Services and California Home Care Aide registry or willing to obtain registration before start of work. Caregivers must be 18 years of age or older.

Care Duties: Personalized Care 

Caregivers should expect to perform a variety of non-medical services for clients.  AmiCare will provide the caregiver with a Care Plan after discussion with each client.

Companionship and Safety Supervision

Keeping client company while monitoring their safety to prevent falls and injuries. Following proper procedure should an incident occur. Assisting client with light exercise or various hobbies and activities around the house or outside.

Ambulation and Transfers

Driving and accompanying client to wherever they wish to go. If a caregiver uses their own personal vehicle to provide this service, gas mileage will be reimbursed by the company. Run errands as requested by the client.

Personal Care

Assist client in daily hygeine activities such as bathing, getting dressed, washing face, brushing teeth, etc.

Cleaning, Housekeeping, and Meal Preparation

Changing linens, vacuuming, washing dishes, removing trash, doing laundry, etc. Making sure the living space is free from dangerous obstacles or clutter according to client's preference. Cook or reheat simple meals to maintain healthy nutrition.

Medication Reminders

With the client's consent, familiarize yourself with their medications that have been prescribed by a doctor and remind the client when a dose should be taken. However, caregivers are not permitted to administer or prepare medication.

Care Duties: Specialized Care 

Knowledge and experience with caring for those with the following conditions is highly beneficial.  Providing all Personalized Care services while being aware the client may need extra support in some areas.  Having an open mind and heart is vital.

Other Responsibilities and Expectations 

A strong ethical code is a must, as well as a strong understanding of what is permitted and what is not.  All new caregivers will be given initial training and an introduction to company policies.  Punctuality and reliability are essential to excelling at this position.  Since a Care Team for a single client may consist of multiple caregivers,  proper documentation of client status and events is required for everyone to remain informed. 

Why Choose Us?

Positive Environment

We treat all of our caregivers with respect. As a caregiver at AmiCare, know that you will be valued and appreciated.

Generous Overtime Policy

At AmiCare, we have a competitive Overtime Policy. Rather than applying increased wages only after 40 hours worked within a week, we increase pay after 8 hours worked within a day. We value your time and effort.

Length of shifts are subject to client availability and are not guaranteed.


AmiCare has clients needing care at at all times of the day every day of the week, and is therefore able to accommodate caregivers that have specific time availabilities. Caregivers will receive detailed alerts when an opening is available, allowing them to view the requested shifts before accepting new assignments.

Employee Support

Our office staff are available to hear all your work-related concerns within business hours. Our mobile system allows employees to easily clock in, check their shifts, and request time off.

Request for Employment Interview at AmiCare

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    If hired, are you willing to provide the following: 1) Verification of identity (Valid driver's license, passport, or government-issued identification), 2) Social Security card, 3) Drug test, 4) Proof of Tuberculosis vaccination, 5) Live scan (fingerprint), 6) Proof of any licensing or certifications?


    How many years?
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    By submitting the application, you certify that the information you have provided is true to the best of your knowledge, and that falsifying such information may result in refusal of hire, rescindment of an employment offer or termination if already hired.

    You agree to give consent for AmiCare Services, Inc. to contact you or your references using the information you provided. You authorize AmiCare Services, Inc. to contact the listed previous employers or any public licensing or educational institution to verify the validity of my statements.

    You understand that submitting this form does NOT guarantee an interview nor does an interview guarantee employment.

    You understand that since AmiCare Services, Inc. operates based off of client census, there may or may not be openings at your time of application. In the event there are no openings available, we will keep your application on file for 90 days. Your personal information will be kept confidential.

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