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Learn more about the services we offer! AmiCare is dedicated to providing the best personalized services possible. Have a question? Please contact us today!

Personalized Care

Our experienced case managers will discuss and work  closely with you and your family to develop a care plan specific to your needs.   Whether you live at home or in a facility, caregivers are available seven days a week, night and day to provide top quality services.


A caregiver can be a friend too. Our caregivers are friendly and sociable, conversing with clients and keeping them company. They may also assist clients with various hobbies and recreational activities to help bring the joy back to life. ​

Light Housekeeping, Personal care & Meal preparation

Our caregivers will assist clients in keeping their living space free of hazardous clutter, transforming it into a home that is tidy and safe to maneuver. In addition to cleaning, they can prepare healthy and nutritious meals, do laundry, and change bed linens if needed. Caregivers will also help clients maintain a high degree of personal hygiene by facilitating tasks such as bathing or brushing hair, so that clients will feel clean and confident.

Ambulation, Transfers & Mobility

Our caregivers may drive, accompany, and/or escort clients to run errands, buy groceries, go shopping, attend appointments or go anywhere else they please. Alternatively, caregivers may run various errands for the client, such as buying and delivering groceries. Within the home, caregivers aim to alleviate risks of injuries such as dangerous falls by helping them in and out of the bed, toilet, shower or chair.

Medication reminders & Record keeping

If a client has been prescribed medication by their doctor, our caregivers can give reminders when a dose needs to be taken.  They can also assist clients in keeping their records and calendars organized, and keeping track of schedules and appointments.

Safety supervision

Our caregivers aim to prevent falls or other injuries. In the event that an incident does occur, you can feel safely assured that our caregivers will know what to do.

Specialized Care

Includes all the benefits of the Personalized Care plan and then some.  This plan is intended for those who have a health condition that may require a little more support.  You will be assigned an appropriate caregiver who is knowledgeable and comfortable working with clients with the same condition.  Any medical information or records you share with us will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with federal and state law.  Your privacy matters to us.

Other Services: Facility Referral 

Are you in need of guidance when it comes to transitioning to living in a facility?  AmiCare has many connections with different assisted living facilities across the Bay Area and can aid our clients and their families in choosing the right one for them.  In addition to referrals, AmiCare offers In-Facility Care, which is also highly customizable.

Want to know how to get started? Our process is simple.



Call 605 709 8900 or fill out our Client Assessment form online!


Assessment & Care Plan Creation

We will arrange a meeting at your home to get to know you and your needs. From our discussion, we will create a Care Plan that our caregivers will follow. This will help integrate our services into your life as seamlessly as possible.


Meeting or start caregiving

We can arrange a follow-up meeting at your home before we start services so you can meet the caregiver or caregivers assigned to you.  Or if you prefer, you can meet your caregivers when we commence services.


We will gratefully accept feedback from you regarding our caregivers and our services at any time. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Are you ready to start your  journey to comfort and relaxation with a   Personalized Caregiver   ?